Thursday, February 6, 2014


The Rugmaker of Mazar-E-Sharif 1. Singing in the wilderness. Life in Woomera detention dismiss is very boring in that respect seems to be zip to do. at that place are no televisions or radios they buns only influence cards and football. Najaf starts to sing a give-and-takeg about how a lot he misses his wife. Najaf is seeking freedom and asylum in this bare-ass country. 2. Fire in the night. Afghanistan is a image of explosion science laboratory because at that place are always rockets and bombs blowing up field of operationss and buildings. Najaf remembers Mazar-E-Sharif as a town where everybody jockeys everybody and were he used to live happily in his big house with his family. But then he thinks pole to when the rocket blew up his house and how he lost his tonic and his brother. 3. Shoes. Najaf thinks that life is bestow and that you must do work. Najaf was never a sad ransack you get out never see him upset, in his family he was the o ne who was always smiling. In Woomera you never know when you pull up stakes leave or what will happen next. 4. Lambs and Wolves. 5. The elbow oversight of question. Najafs third interview was confusing to him. When he entered the populate he was afraid of what they might do to him. But at that place were just asking simple questions about him. Najaf was confused because in that respect was a folder full of Najafs information. Australia needs to a greater extent Afghans because they work, they sing, they make beautiful rugs and they dont complain much. 6. Kisses. The reference of women in Afghan families is to rule the deep down of the house, the wife will also influence her husband. 7. School. Woomera looked sinister because in that respect was cement walls round the camp with barb wire on it. Life at Woomera was a series test because he had to prove to the political science that he was a close hard working person. No one could empathize what the police man was saying because the! y couldnt speak or understand English. 8. The kings son and the canary birds. Work for Afghans is varied because they get no eld off and you can in...If you hope to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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